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11/02/2015: Category: Talks by Simon Child, Simon Child, New Chan Forum, 2015

Being With

By  Simon Child

A Dharma talk from a 10-day intensive Silent Illumination retreat at the Dharma Drum Retreat Center, May 23 to June 1, 2014[more]

15/02/2014: Category: New Chan Forum, 2014, Others

Connected Practice For Wesak: An Experiment For Lay Chan Practitioners

By  Hilary Richards

The sangha is important for Buddhist practice. It is the third Jewel of Refuge. However, it is not always possible for people physically to come together either for short meditation sessions or for...[more]

29/01/2014: Category: New Chan Forum, Simon Child, Talks by Simon Child, 2014

Finding a Way to Practise

By  Simon Child

A talk given at a weekend retreat 28th April 2013[more]

20/12/2013: Category: 2013, WZR Reports

Glimpsing myself

I had never been on any kind of retreat before I arrived at the Western Zen retreat at Maenllwyd in November. It was something I had been building up to for quite some time. I knew I was searching...[more]

01/11/2013: Category: Simon Child, 2013, by Simon Child, for Newcomers

Unethical Zen Masters

By  Simon Child, Chuan-fa Jing-hong

There have been several well-publicised scandals involving unethical behaviour by Zen masters. This is not a uniquely Zen problem, nor a uniquely Buddhist problem – there have also been similar...[more]

25/10/2013: Category: New Chan Forum, Talks by Simon Child, Simon Child, 2013

The Middle Way

By  Simon Child, Chuan-fa Jing-hong

This article is based on the Teacher’s Address to the AGM of the Western Chan Fellowship on 23rd March 2013.[more]

25/10/2013: Category: New Chan Forum, 2013, Others

Bumping up Against Ourselves

By  Eddy Street

The spiritual path is seldom if ever straightforward. When we embark on our spiritual quest, we naturally engage the nature of the person that we are with the tasks that will present themselves to us...[more]

25/10/2013: Category: New Chan Forum, 2013, Chan Retreat Reports

Great Doubt

Koan retreats with the Western Chan Fellowship have become a staple part of my dharma practice over the past few years since I have found a connection with this specific method. Coming to Wales for...[more]

25/10/2013: Category: New Chan Forum, 2013, Chan Retreat Reports

Rephrasing and Asking

Silent Illumination retreat report[more]

25/10/2013: Category: New Chan Forum, 2013, Chan Retreat Reports


A Silent Illumination retreat report[more]

25/10/2013: Category: New Chan Forum, 2013, Others

A Visit to the Doctor

By  Harry Miller

Most people who are familiar with Buddhism know of the metaphor of the Buddha as a doctor for the world’s ills. I’m going to update this metaphor to the 21st century to describe and explain the Three...[more]

23/12/2012: Category: 2012, Talks by Simon Child, Simon Child, for Newcomers

What is Silent Illumination?

By  Simon Child

Anyone who has ever tried any meditation will understand what I mean when I say that our minds are often noisy and dull. ‘Noisy’ because we experience the ‘voices’ of our thoughts filling our minds...[more]

23/12/2012: Category: Simon Child, for Newcomers, 2012, Talks by Simon Child

The Accidental Buddhist

By  Simon Child

In his public talks and writings the Dalai Lama often expresses the view that people should stay within their own tradition. If you are someone who is exploring different traditions and practices...[more]

22/12/2012: Category: 2012

Hearing Photos: an Exploration by Eddy Street and Rob Stratton

By  Eddy Street, Rob Stratton

Rob has managed to earn a living in photography as a 'professional' while Eddy has the interest of an 'amateur'. They frequently discuss their shared involvement in this activity.[more]

22/12/2012: Category: 2012, Ken Jones, New Chan Forum


By  Ken Jones

I turn up the flame from the snaking wick coiled in my flammable heart Although he is my lifelong friend I’m in two minds about him. Sometimes I don’t recognise him at all, with his ugly old...[more]

22/12/2012: Category: 2012, Others, New Chan Forum

Meaningless that makes Sense: Working with Mu

By  George Marsh

Traditional koan study under a fierce Japanese Roshi is tough. …each session had its own special terror. Novice monks were repeatedly whacked with a kyosaku that looked more like a long baseball...[more]

20/12/2012: Category: Chan Retreat Reports, 2012

Finely Tuned

As I write this, two days after my return, I am fine tuned. My heart is brilliant, clear and unobstructed. Someone throws a ball for a dog, which charges across the park, a furry blur of mad energy...[more]

17/12/2012: Category: 2012, Others, New Chan Forum

Consolations: Preparations for Dying

By  Alysun Jones

David Childs (1946 - 2011): A Tribute[more]

17/12/2012: Category: WZR Reports, 2012

Letting go of this, letting go of that: what then?

I arrived at my first Western Zen retreat with no expectations and was looking forward to spending five days meditating in the beautiful Welsh countryside. When I arrived I felt immediately at home...[more]

17/12/2012: Category: WZR Reports

Not a Bad Starting Point!

The WZR was my first retreat with the WCF. Before that I had been practicing Zen in the Soto tradition for about eight years. I participated in about half a dozen sesshins with Roshis from Japan, and...[more]

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