General Information

  • The programme may be subject to changes. Check the Retreat Calendar for updates and amendments.
  • Retreats usually start about 7pm on the first evening. Seven night retreats finish after breakfast, shorter retreats either during the morning or after lunch.
  • Full directions will be given on booking.
  • Before booking, you should read all the general information and links on the right.

The Western Chan Fellowship offers retreats providing training in Zen insight and fresh ways of being. The Maenllwyd Retreat Centre has been providing disciplined Zen, Tibetan and Chan (Chinese Zen) retreats for over 25 years. Participants need not be Buddhist, and indeed, probably the majority are not.

The programme of retreats with the Western Chan Fellowship provides a progressive series of events designed to deepen self-understanding and insight into the Buddhist path. Serious practitioners, and this includes beginners, are invited to take advantage of these rare opportunities for practice and self-discovery in an atmosphere of warmth and the cultivation of kindness.

Western Zen Retreats and Shorter Chan Retreats are open to beginners and adepts alike. Mahamudra and full Chan retreats are open to those who have already attended a Western Zen Retreat or an equivalent retreat. Details required on application.

These retreats are serious and quite demanding. Participants gain important insights into their lives and into the Buddhist path and many return for further retreats. Some indeed make these retreats their main practice. The atmosphere is caring and supportive and interviews (opportunities to speak to the teacher) are always available. You are welcome to enquire further when considering whether a retreat is right for you.

We have several authorised teachers - view our teachers page.

You may also want to read Reports on their Retreat Experience submitted by past participants in our retreats.