Local Chan Meditation Groups

We have twenty or so local meditation groups where people meet together for Chan (Chinese Zen) meditation. Most groups can teach Buddhist meditation to beginners who want to learn to meditate, and also welcome experienced practitioners who may not need any instruction. So whilst they are not usually run as formal teaching classes, they combine the functions of a class with meditation instruction for newcomers and a peer support group for experienced meditators who practice meditation together.

There is usually opportunity for readings, questions, and discussion, and sometimes also some social activities. Some groups also organise occasional half-day, full-day, or longer meditation retreats.

Affiliated Groups

Affiliated groups are those groups whose leader is appointed by the Western Chan Fellowship and whose activities closely follow the Objects of the WCF constitution. Typically they will practice Chan (Chinese Zen) meditation and at least one of their members can give Buddhist meditation instruction to newcomers.

All groups welcome newcomers, whether you have never tried meditation before or are a seasoned practioner from another tradition. Some are open to just turning up on the day, whilst others require you to contact them in advance.

Locate your nearest group by browsing the list on the left or by looking at the Google Map of group locations, then view their contact and meeting details.

Other Groups

There are some other Chan groups which we do not currently regard as Affiliated (though some of them may become so in the future), in Isle of Arran, Sleaford (Lincolnshire), and Wirksworth (Derbyshire).

These groups are independent from the WCF but we maintain a friendly and mutually supportive relationship with a mutual interest in Chan Buddhism, and we provide details on the other groups page so that you may contact them if you wish.

Other Contacts

We also list:

  • Local Contacts - some areas do not currently have active groups, but we have contacts there who may be past group members, or who may be planning on forming a group in the future, or who may simply be able to help you with local activities.
  • Overseas Groups and Contacts