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Simon Child

Photo of Simon Child

Simon Child, Jing-hong Chuan-fa, Teacher of the Western Chan Fellowship, is the third Dharma Heir of the late Chan Master Sheng Yen. Simon trained for over thirty years with both Dr John Crook and Master Sheng Yen, and was the Secretary of the Western Chan Fellowship from its founding until his appointment as Teacher in 2011.

Simon is married with two adult sons. His main career was as a GP, and he now works part-time for the National Health Service as a Clinical Informatics Advisor.

Master Sheng-yen (right) presenting the kesa to Simon Child (left) and Max Kalin (back).
Master Sheng-yen (right) presenting the kesa to Simon Child (left) and Max Kalin (back).

Dharma Transmission

Simon Child received Dharma Transmission in the Caodong and Linji lineages from Chan Master Sheng Yen, on 1st December 2000 towards the end of a seven-day retreat at the Dharma Drum Retreat Center in New York. He received the Dharma name Jing-hong Chuan-fa 'transmitting Dharma, pure greatness'. At the same ceremony Dr Max Kalin of Switzerland also received Dharma Transmission.

Other WCF Teachers

The following are authorised to teach for the WCF and are mentored by the WCF Teacher Simon Child.

Hilary Richards

Photo of Hilary Richards

Hilary is a retired medical doctor, mother and grandmother. She is past Chair and a founder member of the Western Chan fellowship. Her teachers include Chan Master Sheng Yen, John Crook and Simon Child.

Jake Lyne

Photo of Jake Lyne

Jake is the Chair of the Western Chan Fellowship. He is a longstanding Buddhist practitioner within the Chan tradition, following the lineage of Chan Master Sheng Yen. He has been in training with John Crook, Master Sheng Yen, Simon Child and other teachers for 30 years. He is married with 3 children and is a retired clinical psychologist.

Fiona Nuttall

Fiona Nuttall

Fiona has been training with John Crook and Simon Child since the 1990's, and is a member of the WCF committee. She has been leading retreats for WCF since 2007.